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The Nexplanon implant can be an effective birth control option for many women today. Dr. Rafiq Mian at Mian OB/GYN & Associates: Rafiq Mian in Silver Spring, Maryland, can discuss the benefits and potential drawbacks of this option for patients who are ready to try a new form of birth control.

Nexplanon Q & A

What Is Nexplanon?

Nexplanon is a very small and flexible birth control implant that can prevent pregnancy for as long as 3 years. The Nexplanon implant measures about 1.6 inches long and is placed just underneath the skin at the inner part of the upper arm. The implant releases a regular dose of a progestin hormone, etonogestrel, which prevents pregnancy.

How Effective Is Nexplanon?

Nexplanon is more than 99 percent effective. This makes it comparable in effectiveness to other highly effective birth control options such as the IUD.

Who Can Use Nexplanon?

The doctor will review each woman's healthcare history to determine whether she is able to use Nexplanon. Most healthy women who want to use this type of birth control are able to do so. Women who have blood clots, liver disease, a liver tumor, vaginal bleeding of undetermined origins, breast cancer, or certain allergies cannot take Nexplanon. Women with diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, high blood pressure, or other medical issues can often use Nexplanon if desired, but may need to be more closely monitored while using it.

What If a Woman Who Uses Nexplanon Decides She Wants to Get Pregnant?

If a woman who uses Nexplanon decides that she wants to get pregnant, she simply has to arrange an appointment for the doctor to remove the implant. Once the implant is out of the body, it is usually fine to start trying to conceive right away.

Can a Breast-feeding Mom Use Nexplanon?

Breast-feeding mothers can use Nexplanon as long as the baby is at least 4 weeks old. A very small quantity of the Nexplanon hormone will pass into breast milk. In studies conducted on the breast-fed children of mothers with Nexplanon, no effects on growth and development were noted. Women and their doctors should discuss breast-feeding while on Nexplanon to determine whether it is the right choice.


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