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For women entering menopause, hormone replacement therapy can be an excellent choice. Dr. Rafiq Mian at Mian OB/GYN & Associates: Rafiq Mian in Silver Spring, Maryland, can provide therapy that will alleviate uncomfortable symptoms quickly.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Q & A

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is the process of replacing hormones that are missing from the body due to menopause. Without these hormones in the body, many women experience very unpleasant symptoms related to hormone depletion. With Dr. Rafiq Mian at Mian OB/GYN & Associates: Rafiq Mian, hormone replacement therapy is designed to be as natural as possible. Years ago, hormone replacement therapy involved the use of hormones manufactured in a laboratory or derived from animals, which did not create a good hormone match in many cases. Today, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is available. This type of hormone replacement therapy is derived entirely from plants. These completely natural hormones match with the body's natural hormones far more effectively than lab-created hormones or animal-derived hormones ever could.

How Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Done?

During hormone replacement therapy, the doctor inserts a tiny pellet deep into the fat in an unobtrusive part of the body. For example, the pellets are often implanted in the fleshy part of the upper arm, on the interior part of the arm. The insertion of the pellets is very quick and easy, taking just 5 minutes or so. There are no side effects, and many women start to feel much better very quickly after the pellet is implanted.

What Are the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy using bioidentical pellets is extremely helpful for women who have a depletion in hormones due to menopause. Some of the unpleasant side effects of hormone depletion normally include hot flashes, decreased energy levels, poor libido, night sweats, weight gain, and the inability to concentrate. Hormone replacement therapy can relieve all of these symptoms. Many women get relief right away, and they may even start to feel like they did a decade (or more) in the past.


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